5 Reasons All Women Should Lift Weights

By Megan Vick


So many women are afraid of weights because they don’t want to “bulk up.”  By lifting weights and incorporating strength training into your workout routine, women will get sleeker and more toned.  Keep this in mind: A pound of fat looks like 3 grapefruits while a pound of muscle looks like 3 tangerines.


1. Prevent Osteoporosis

Ultimately, all women should be weight training to maintain (or rebuild) bone density.  Lifting weights works the muscles, tendons, and ligaments and all of those pull on the bone while you are lifting.  By pulling on the bone, your body sends a signal to start producing more bone cells to prevent damage.  When you have strong bones, you’re less likely to break them.


In a study conducted by Earl Mindell and Virginia Hopkins, they found that post-menopausal women who did weight training twice per week for one year increased their bone density by one percent, while women who didn’t do anything lost about two percent of their bone density.


2. It’s Different

Lifting is a nice change of pace from the treadmill or elliptical.  When you really get into lifting, you will be able to feel all the little fibers of muscles working to complete your exercise.  Once you notice that, you’ll have the full understanding of how lifting weights helps your body in many other ways.


3. You’ll burn more calories

Yep, that’s right.  When you add strength training to your workout, your body will burn more calories.  Want a fast and powerful workout?  Try incorporating bicep curls into your lunges or military presses while you’re doing squats.  You’ll get more done in a shorter time and see faster results.


4. Your Chest Will Be Perkier

Exercises like bench presses and chest flys will get the pectoralis muscles working and when those are strong; you’ll have a perkier bust line.  Those same exercises will help you with that unwanted “armpit fat” and keep the “grandma arm” at bay by tightening your triceps muscles.


5. Everything Else Will Be Easier

Whether you’re trying to master a headstand in yoga or just playing with your kids, weight training will help you in many other activities.  Strength training will also help increase your endurance making that 5K, or doing the dishes, a little bit easier.  Enjoy a longer, happier life when you lift weights.



One thought on “5 Reasons All Women Should Lift Weights

  1. he biceps curl is a traditional exercise targeting the bicep muscles. By using dumbbells, you can work both arms independently, which is a great way to work on any weaknesses you may have in your non-dominant arm. ,


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