Cruelty Free? Easy as 1-2-3!

By Megan Vick


Are you looking for a way to remove animal tested beauty products from your bathroom? It took me a long time to do it. I won’t lie, it’s easy to make the decision to go cruelty-free, but hard to look at all those expensive products in your bathroom and just toss them in the bin.

Cruelty-Free Bunny


But don’t think you have to do that! Going cruelty-free is much easier (and much less wasteful) than you may think. At Shorganics, we pride ourselves on being cruelty-free, but we also make sure we’re not creating more trash to go in a landfill. Try going cruelty free with these easy steps:


  1. Know which products you need to replace first. Be sure you check expiration dates and how much you have left.
  2. Know which product/brand will replace your current item (hey, what do you know… I’ve got some vegan, cruelty free skin care products for you)
  3. Use what you’ve got, replace as you need it


You’ve spend money on soap, face scrubs, face creams, body scrubs, body washes, and all that other stuff hanging out in your bathroom and we don’t want you to waste it. Going cruelty-free is commendable, but don’t put unnecessary material in the trash if you can use it and recycle the containers.


Always remember how awesome you are!


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