The Product Journey

By Megan Vick


At Shorganics, we’ve been busy little bees making and formulating new products for you. There’s a lot that goes into the creation of each product before it gets into your hot little hands. Here’s a quick glance at what goes into bringing a new product to life.


  1. Get the idea – Sometimes this will happen at the most random time (out to dinner, in the shower, watching a movie). We usually write our ideas down so we can revisit them later.
  2. R&D – this usually takes the longest. We will spend hours, days, weeks, months, and years sourcing the best ingredients, ensuring the formula is correct, and making sure we consistently deliver the highest quality product to you.
  3. Testing – We test everything. We test for safety and for everyday use. Usually, our testing consists of giving some items to our parents and a few very close friends and we get their feedback. We also get the product Verified Vegan through Vegan Action at this point.
  4. Launch – Once we have our packaging and labeling taken care of, the item is ready for sale online, on our Etsy store, and in person at The South Durham Farmer’s Market.


A lot of this takes so long because we do everything ourselves in-house. We formulate, source, create, label, package, and market everything. We are proud to be a handcrafted business! Thanks for being our customer!


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