Cosmetics and Allergens – What You Need to Know

By Megan Vick

The rate of people with food allergies is growing. Whether it’s peanuts, shellfish, eggs, wheat, dairy, soy, or any number of items, people are becoming increasingly cautious regarding both food and cosmetics. Nut oils, soy products, and wheat products are commonly found in all types of personal care products.


Fun Fact: The FDA does not require a warning label on cosmetics when items contain these allergens or are manufactured on equipment in contact with these allergens.


Unfortunately, nut oils are commonly found in cosmetics, especially in the natural product industry. Plant oils are extremely beneficial for the skin and many people with nut, soy, and wheat allergies report using cosmetics with no reaction. At Shorganics, our philosophy is, if you have any doubts, don’t buy it. We want everyone to be safe and to enjoy our product each time you use it. It’s hard to enjoy a wonderful lip balm or body butter if you’re wondering, “Am I going to have a reaction to this?”

Whether it’s Argan Oil or Sweet Almond, Shea Butter or Soybean Oil, ask questions or ask for a comparable product without the questionable ingredient. Or, skip the purchase.


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