The Truth About Natural Deodorant

By Megan Vick

My favorite question when working directly with our customers is about our deodorant. I usually get people who pick it up, squint at it, and hold it up to me and ask, “Does this really work?”  Yes, it really does work. But I will also say, it’s not a miracle cure for stinkiness. For the most part, natural deodorant can be very successful, but here are a few reasons why it doesn’t work.


1) Your Diet Could Use Some Work
No, you cannot eat pounds of meat, cheese, bread, and fried foods every day and expect to smell super fresh. At the same time, you may eat very well, but (like me) have what I call “trigger foods” which cause you to smell. Certain things, I have discovered, make me smell no matter what. Goat cheese, green peppers (not red or yellow), and garlic usually make me smell like that specific food. You may have trigger foods and not know it because chemical deodorants have been blocking your glands for so long. Regardless of how you smell, it’s always good to try and clean up your diet.


2) You Don’t Apply Every Day
Even if you choose not to shower every day (which is fine!), you should still wash your underarms and reapply deodorant before you go out each day. Because most natural deodorants are free of harsh chemicals, they absorb into your skin and pores throughout the day. Try rubbing a soapy washcloth over your armpits each morning you don’t shower and then rinsing them off. Apply our deodorant and enjoy your day!

Natural, vegan deodorant


3) Stress Sweat
Yes, stress sweat is a real thing. Because different hormones and glands are in production when you’re stressed, your sweat tends to smell a little riper. With heat or activity sweat, your body is simply trying to cool you down, but when you’re stressed, your body is sending out signals for help. Whether you’ve got a test, a big presentation, or a hot new date, your body might smell differently during this time. Try taking deep, meditative breaths to calm down and you can always reapply.


4) Medical Conditions
Did you know both men and women experience a cycle of hormonal fluctuations every 4-6 weeks? Monthly changes in hormones , or some hormonal changes that occur during different stages of life, can dramatically affect how much you sweat and what that smells like. Medications (including antibiotics and birth control), steroids, and illnesses can all contribute to your changing natural scent. There are even conditions which require prescription strength antiperspirant. No matter what reason your body has for its aroma, it’s okay if natural deodorant doesn’t work for you.


5) Detoxing

The first time, or the first week, you try natural deodorant, you may feel as if you’re stinkier or sweatier than usual. Most likely, this is because you’re body is pushing out the toxins in your body in a healthy, effective way. If you’re afraid this may happen, try switching to our deodorant in the winter when you won’t be subjected to the summer’s heat and humidity. If you still think you’re a little ripe, ask a good friend to give you a whiff- yes, a really good friend – to see if you really are funky-smelling.


For the majority of people, natural deodorants are just as successful at keeping you smelling fresh as chemical-based deodorants. Keep in mind that most natural deodorants are just that – deodorants. To prevent the body from sweating typically requires heavy metals and other harsh, synthetic chemicals commonly found in popular products. Whichever deodorant or antiperspirant you choose, read the ingredients and make certain you are okay applying it your underarms.





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