Product Feature: Vanilla Coffee Face Scrub

By Megan Vick

One of my favorite products in our entire line is our Vanilla Coffee Face Scrub. Since puberty (you don’t need to know how long ago that was), I have had oily skin. Not oily in the way that there is a slight sheen on your face, but oily in the way where you can see your reflection in my face. Not cool.


At some point in my teens, my friend gave me a wonderful face scrub (which I now know contained teeny tiny bits of aluminum as the exfoliant) and this face scrub helped calm down my oily skin. After a few days, I noticed a difference in my skin. After a few more days, my skin was less oily, but more pimply! For days and days, my skin was blotchy, sore, and full of pimples. Not cool for an already slightly nerdy teen.

Vegan Face Scrub - Vanilla Coffee


Since those middle school days, I shied away from exfoliating face products fearing some sort of unknown allergic reaction or sensitivity.  It was only a few years ago, that I learned many exfoliants cause micro-tears in your skin! This opens up your skin to a host of ickies which cause breakouts and irritation, just like the aluminum-laden face scrub from my adolescence. Armed with this knowledge, my expert product formulator (aka, my wonderful, puts-up-with-my-nonsense husband) helped me create my very own exfoliating face scrub.


My criteria for this face-saving scrub:

– Gentle enough to use every day
– Doesn’t strip my skin of natural oils (since that’s what causes sebum over-production and therefore, oily skin)
– Doesn’t cause micro-tears
– Doesn’t smell disgusting


Together, my expert formulator and I set out to create this wonderful face scrub. And by together, I mean he did all the hard work while I tested stuff on my face. Finally, we developed the Vanilla Coffee Face Scrub – and my face was saved.


Because we use ground coffee beans and ground vanilla beans – the fruit of the plant – the exfoliants are softer and gentler on your skin. We tried fruit pits (apricot, peaches, and cherries), walnut shells, and other plant material, but all the natural exfoliants caused micro-tears. The gentle fruit used in our Vanilla Coffee face scrub also comes with an added bonus: the scent of sweet vanilla coffee each time you use it.


Not only does this vegan face scrub work on my oily skin, but it works on dry, combination, sensitive, and mature skin! Even though my skin still thinks I’m 13, daily use of the Vanilla Coffee Face Scrub (and Advanced Skin Regimen Day & Night Cream), keeps the ickies at bay. Hooray!


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