Product Feature Friday: Lavender Lemongrass Deodorant

By Megan Vick


On this glorious Friday, I want to introduce you to our Lavender Lemongrass Deodorant.


Natural, vegan deodorant

As one of our original products, Lavender Lemongrass Deodorant has consistently been a top seller with TONS of repeat buyers. We have Duke University professors, yoga instructors, farmers, college students, laid-back moms, and high-maintenance fashionistas who swear by this deodorant. With many studies over the years linking harmful chemicals found in deodorant to auto-immune diseases, cancer, and neurological issues, many folks are simply unwilling to use traditional deodorants these days (I’m one of them!).


This easy-to-apply stick deodorant is creamy, long-lasting, and uses organic cocoa butter and organic essential oils as an odor-deterrent. We package our deodorants in traditional tubes to make it easy to throw in your purse, gym bag, or suitcase when you travel. If you have questions, or feel hesitant about trying our organic deodorant, check out The Truth About Natural Deodorant.


You can also check out our Patchouli Pine Deodorant, Orange Lemongrass Deodorant, and Eucalyptus Tea Tree Deodorant.




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