Product Feature: Soy Candles

By Megan Vick


Another week has passed by again and as we approach the holiday season, it’s time to start thinking about scenting your home for any guests you might have! Soy candles have grown in popularity over the last few years because soy wax burns cleaner than traditional candles. We’ve taken the clean-burning candle a step further and added cotton wicks to our candles. Since traditional candles are made from paraffin wax – a petroleum byproduct – it’s not difficult to see that these candles would cause a host of problems. On top of that, many fragrances for candles are synthetic and can cause headaches and other issues for those with sensitivities.


When we set out to “build a better mouse trap,” we knew we had to offer the cleanest burning, best smelling candles on the block. With cotton wicks and GMO-free soy wax, we’ve done just that. You can choose from 16 different scents for every season and every holiday throughout the year. Our fragrances are botanically derived to diffuse into the air, but still remain true to the natural material from which they came.


Our soy candles also come packaged in durable travel tins with lids. They are simple, unobtrusive, and easily gift-able for birthdays and the winter holidays!






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