Product Feature Friday: Lavender Lemon Body Butter

By Megan Vick

As we head into the dry months of the year, you’ll certainly want to stock up on Lavender Lemon body butter. It’s super rich and made from pure, organic plant butters and oils. Even though it’s solid, it will melt on contact with your skin – just like real (or vegan) butter!


Our beautiful body butter contains no water, giving it a creamier and richer feel than traditional body lotions. It’s great for people who spend a lot of time in the sun and for those with ultra-dry skin. Many of our beach customers swear by our body butter because it helps keep those summer tans from looking too matte. And yes, gentlemen, if you are spending a lot of time outside, you can benefit from this body butter too. And I promise this: you won’t end up smelling like a girl (unless you really want to). It’s time for men, both indoorsy and outdoorsy, to keep their skin moisturized and hydrated.


Just remember, a little body butter goes a long way! Enjoy!


Vegan Organic Body Butter


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