Holiday Gift Giving

By Megan Vick


Another Thanksgiving has passed and now it seems we are all thrust into the throws of consumerism. With tons of marketing aimed at us for various toys, clothing, home improvement tools, and other gift items, it can be hard to stay calm in the madness. Regardless of which holiday you celebrate, it’s important to remember this time of year is special for people all over the world.


At Shorganics, we believe the holidays is a great time of year to reflect, volunteer, donate, give back, and make sure we are better this year than last year.  If you choose to exchange gifts, good for you! Check out the Holiday Gift Giving Guide full of fun, eco-friendly gifts for you and yours.  And if you want to pop over to the Shorganics Store, be sure to use coupon code HOLIDAY10 at checkout to get 10% off PLUS free shipping.


May December bring you happiness and minimal stress! Namaste!



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