2013: Year of the Vegan

By Megan Vick

So, for those of you who haven’t heard, Jay-Z and Queen B are embarking on a 22 day journey into the vegan diet. Please note, I said ‘DIET,’ not ‘LIFESTYLE.’ In just the few short days following the start of the power-couple’s adventure into veganism, they’ve already received both praise and criticism from vegans and non-vegans alike. (For reference, they started on 12/4, Jay-Z’s 44th birthday.) One of the very, very, very first things I read, was, “I’m pretty sure those shorts Beyonce is wearing are leather. She clearly isn’t embracing veganism.” The second thing I read was, “Don’t they both wear fur?” Yes and yes. Bey does rock leather in her wardrobe and most rappers have a fur or two in the closet. No one is denying that.


Vegan Jay-Z and Beyonce



It’s important to remember (for all the snobby vegans who give veganism a bad name) that just to have such an high-profile couple try the vegan diet for a few days is a step in the right direction. Many celebs have gone vegan over the last few years and whether they credit ethical reasons or health reasons or Forks Over Knives, who cares! For many people, myself included, the transition to a vegan diet can be extremely challenging and difficult. It can also be expensive if you’re unsure of where to shop for fresh produce (your local farmers market!) or if you don’t have the proper tools in your home to make some standard vegan staples (rice cooker and hand blender, for starters). As always, don’t judge people, even those in the public eye. Jay and Bey should be complimented on embracing plant-based meals for 22 days. Hopefully, they will stick with it.


Let’s embrace all who want to learn more about the LIFESTYLE, even if it means starting with the diet. 2013 has been the “Year of the Vegan” and with positivity and mutual respect, more people will feel comfortable ditching  meat in favor of chickpeas, kale, and tofu. If nutrition is a concern, there are hundreds of vegan blogs with free recipes and great information on the web to help anybody who wants it. I certainly didn’t just figure out how to cook a vegan meal. It was this beautiful, welcoming vegan community that helped my transition. Encourage people to follow their desires – especially embracing a healthier lifestyle. Keep life positive and you’ll stay positive. 


Good luck to the power couple (who I happen to adore anyway). And if you haven’t read Jay-Z and Beyonce: Vegan Power or Celebrity Hype, you need to read it. It’s awesome!


Namaste y’all!


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