GMO’s Superweeds

By Megan Vick


For some time now, agricultural researchers have warned farmers about superweeds – weeds resistant to traditional herbicides, including glyphosphate. A researcher from Washington State University found a higher instance of superweeds in cotton, soy, and corn crops. Farmers today are using significantly more herbicides than they were in 1999, shortly after the introduction of the Round-Up Ready seed.


This update on an ever-present danger becomes even more interesting when a Monsanto spokesperson says, “Herbicide-resistant weeds began well before GM crops.”  While this may be true, the problem has only been exacerbated by herbicide resistant crops and more powerful herbicides. The viscous cycle of  Monsanto consists of farmers buying Round-Up Ready seeds, followed by copious quantities of herbicide (most commonly glyphosphate). When the superweeds pop up, the farmers have to purchase more herbicide to continue spraying the crops. Monsanto also will make an improvement on a GMO seed and the farmers will then have to buy new seed, often at a higher price tag. On top of all this, many crops have a “kill-switch” inside them which won’t allow pollination, so farmers cannot save and collect seeds season after season.


As research continues to point out, there is no reason for GMO seeds and crops. They have done nothing to end the hunger crisis in many countries and they have not reduced the price of food for Americans. Everyone has a choice and the ability to vote with your dollars. When you buy organic cotton clothing, organic soy products (or at least non-GMO soy), and organic corn and cornstarch, you’re telling your grocer, the manufacturer, and the agricultural industry that you do not support GMOs.




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