Wrestling and Veganism

By Megan Vick


As a vegan, I like animals – it’s why I don’t eat them or stuff that comes from them. Because I like animals and believe they should be loved and cared for and protected, I don’t like SeaWorld and I don’t like any organization, like Barnum & Bailey Circus, using animals for entertainment. It’s wrong, cruel, and wildly unnecessary.


You’re with me on this, right? Here’s where two things in my life merge together in a way I never expected.


My father, Art Donahoe, is a Boston University alumni, wrestler, and wrestling coach. I grew up with wrestling, with wrestlers, and understanding the power a sport like wrestling can have on people and families of all backgrounds. In 2013, BU announced they were dropping their wrestling program. Heartbroken, the Save BU Wrestling movement was born. Recently, in a conversation with good ole pops, he mentioned that a member of the Board of Trustees was a chairman for SeaWorld and another member owns Feld Entertainment – parent company of Barnum & Bailey Circus. Dad mentioned this because he thought it would be powerful for people to boycott SeaWorld and Barnum & Bailey Circus due to the role these trustees had in wrestling being dropped from Boston University.


If only there were a group of people who actively protested against SeaWorld and Barnum & Bailey… If only these same people stood up for diversity, for teamwork and togetherness, for hard work and doing the right thing… oh, wait – vegans are EXACTLY the right people to help spread this message.


Perhaps an unlikely match up of the Save BU Wrestling movement and animal-rights activists, but here we are. By joining together to expose the (dare I say) corruption of BU Trustees and the blatant mistreatment of animals under their reign, we have the ability to make a powerful statement which benefits both people and animals.


Vegan friends, friends of vegans, animal- lovers, wrestling- lovers, I call on you to unite. Tweet this, Facebook this, do whatever other social media sharing you choose to help spread the word about Save BU Wrestling. Be sure to check out the Save BU Wrestling facebook & twitter pages as well as the Boycott New Balance movement.


Save BU Wrestling



Never. Give. In.


2 thoughts on “Wrestling and Veganism

  1. From a former BU wrestler, thank you for your support. The decision the trustees made is disappointing but their denial and apathy is embarrassing.


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