We started Shorganics in early 2011 after making our own lotions and salves for years.

Our journey began when, after exhaustive research, we discovered that even the most highly praised “All Natural” and “Organic” products have many ingredients that are derived in less than desirable ways. We learned the truth about sulfates, parabens and other toxic substances. We also learned how these substances find their ways into “Natural” and “Organic” products in disguise. To read more, please see our FAQs.


We realized the need for products containing organic, fair trade, and vegan ingredients.  With this in mind, we set out to fill our medicine cabinet with homemade products guaranteed to be what they claim to be. Making bath and body products for our home and friends, our hobby quickly blossomed into a business.


All of our products combine these traits to better serve our customers.  We use USDA certified organic essential oils, carrier oils, butters, and herbs in our body products to ensure the best quality. All imported ingredients are certified Fair Trade or are purchased under Good Trade guidelines put in place by our supplier. Our soaps are made the traditional way with lye and natural, plant-based oils. Our candles and reed diffusers use a mixture of essential oils and fragrances, do not contain phthalates or alcohols. To read more, please see our Ingredients page.

We promise to never skimp, cut corners or deceive.  Our customers and their loyalty are what drive our business and we will always strive to bring you the best quality products.
Thank you!

Megan and Matt Vick

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  1. Your products sound wonderful and I’ve been slowly replacing all of my non-natural body and cleaning products for those that are more natural and organic. I live in the Seattle area where it seems most everyone around here is doing the same thing. Do you sell any of your products in this area? I do product reviews of natural products and would love to try something of yours or write up a list of boutique stores in this area that sell specialized products like these who you could contact. This sounds like a great company with good people behind it, so I hope you guys grow and grow!


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